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SEND International

About 1/3 of the world’s population lives outside the reach of the local church—they have no opportunity to hear the gospel. SEND International, an evangelical mission, mobilizes missionaries to engage them with the gospel and establish reproducing churches. SEND is an interdenominational, multinational Christian mission organization with about 600 missionaries in more than 20 areas of Asia, Europe, Eurasia and North America. Our mission is to mobilize God’s people and engage the unreached in order to establish reproducing churches.

Unreached – SEND focuses its ministries on the unreached—people who don’t have access to the gospel or a strong local church. Sometimes this means whole people groups and sometimes it means unreached pockets of an otherwise “reached” society. About 1/3 of the world’s population is considered unreached.

Churches – Our end goal is establishing a healthy, local church that sends its own people out to reach others. To do this, churches, institutions and training schools established by SEND are put under local leadership as soon as possible. Disciples become disciple makers, trained leaders train the next generation, and those who were touched by SEND become missionaries.

SEND International
P.O. Box 513
Farmington, MI

Phone: (248) 477-4210
Fax: (248) 477-4232

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