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World Hope International

WHI's Mission

World Hope International is a Christian relief and development organization working with vulnerable and exploited communities to alleviate poverty, suffering and injustice.

WHI's Vision: Communities infused with opportunity, dignity and hope.

WHI's Core Values

Transformation: Individuals and communities are transformed by the redemptive power of Jesus working in and through the local faith community to bring about spiritual, social, economic and physical change.

Empowerment>: Communities realize the greatest development gains when local leaders and individuals are empowered to effect change.

Sustainability: Creating sustainable programs that emphasize local leadership, resources and accountability is crucial to achieving lasting impact.

Collaboration: Development occurs when the local faith community, other like-minded organizations and individual stakeholders engage as strategic partners to strengthen and revitalize their community.

Excellence: Organizational excellence results from continually investing in rigorous evaluation, best practices, accountability, staff development and smart growth.

World Hope International
625 Slaters Lane, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA

Phone: (703) 923-9414
Fax: (703) 923-9418

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